We will be closing our weekday lunches indefinitely.  Perhaps when the weather gets warmer, we can do it again.  Thanks to all the people who came during the spring and summer last year for our lunches.  We had fun cooking and serving you then!

Lunch schedule, Wed – Friday, 11 am – 3 pm



Noritaco salad with kimchi fried rice, $ 9

(Crispy seaweed with melon, jicama, watercress, green mango & radish)

BBQ pork spareribs in homemade orange marmalade, $ 12

Mussels in coconut curry broth,  $ 9

Chicken adobo with steamed rice & veggies, $ 9

Organic soba (buckwheat noodles) with grilled duck leg, woodears & Asian greens, $ 11

Bibimbap with fried egg, $ 10  /  With beef tapa,  $ 12

(Organic heirloom rice with lotus root, burdock, spinach, purple sweet potato,

Edamame in hot stoneware)

Cua Pao (red cooked pork belly in steamed bun), $ 9

Pan fried mackerel in banana leaves, $ 10

Marinated in miso and mustard

OR Fish of the Day, market price

Chicken Curry in Thai curry and coconut milk sauce, $ 10

Daily dumplings, $ 7


Tocino  (sugar-achuete cured pork) with garlic fried rice and eggs, $ 11

Beef tapa  (air-dried beef) with garlic fried rice & eggs, $ 12


Mamacat’s Q. Tea, $ 2.50

a line of premium, organic, hand-blended herbal teas.

Ruby Slippers, Golden Slumber or Emerald Wonderland

Soda, $ 3

Blood orange, cucumber or Rhubarb;  Abita root beer

Juices, $ 3

Kalamansi (Philippine lime), buko (young coconut) or mango

Homemade ice creams & sorbets

$   3 / scoop • Purple Yam, jackfruit, mango, avocado, banana rum,

coffee or macapuno (coconut sport) ice cream, vanilla bean

$   3 / scoop • Guava, coconut, raspberry, mango or passionfruit sorbet