Mother’s Day Special Dessert is called Nanay’s Dream at Purple Yam

May 6, 2015

Nanay’s Dream, a re-imagined braso with the meringue roll studded with berries inside, almond slivers on the side and topped with kalamansi curd and more berries

There is something maternal about meringue. Whenever my grandmother would visit us in Malate (coming from Iba, Zambales), she would make me the most delicious kalamansi meringue whenever I would get sick.  I always looked forward to getting sick whenever she was around because that meant getting special treatment. The meringue would be baked in a loaf pan and it would be high with that brown crust on top. In a day or two, the leftover meringue would start to dissolve and the kalamansi flavor would intensify in that liquid that would accumulate at the bottom.  By sheer coincidence, Romy named this dessert, Nanay’s Dream without knowing that meringue held a special place in my heart made by my grandmother, who incidentally, was called “Nanay” by everyone including us her grandchildren.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Amy’s spring roll $8.
Fresh lumpia with asparagus & shiitake mushroom $10
Ukoy, shrimp & veggie fritters $10
Lamb dumplings with mint sauce $12
Tocino tostada: ube tortilla, red thumb potato, ramps & mozzarella $12

Tocino $15
Beef tapa $18
Bacalao & laing (taro leaves) with poached eggs $16
Grilled indian eggplant & beef torta $15
Menudo pie (pork) pie with quail egg $16
Bibimbop with burdock, lotus root, & fiddlehead fern $18


Chicken inasal, marinated in calamansi juice, shallots, garlic, &lemongrass $18
Duck leg & quail adobo $20
Heritage pork porterchop inihaw, bbq with peach salsa $25
Heritage pork shank agro dolce, sweet & sour & chocolate $24
Black rice paella (diket from the cordillera mtns.) with peekytoe crab $26

Grilled dorade wrapped in pandan leaves with rhubarb & ginger $27

Spring lamb trio: bbq, roast, & curry. $35


Pancit bihon, rice noodle with chicken & chinese sausage $15

Pancit malabon, rice noodle with manila clams, shrimp, & smoked trout $19

Sotanghon laksa: mung bean noodle with okra, oyster mushroom,

Artichoke in spicy coconut broth $16


Nanay’s dream. Meringue with berries, rhubarb, & kalamansi curd

Pilinut & chocolate tart with ligwan honey ice cream

Mango tart with mango ice cream


Halo halo

Black rice paella with peeky toe crab A preview of how the peeky toe crab is cooked before putting on top of the rice Tocino Tostado with ube tortilla, red thumb potato, ramps & mozarella Nanay’s Dream – a reimagined braso with a meringue roll topped by berries and kalamansi curd a toast to all moms! Pina colada with soju!

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