Special Flavors for Valentine’s Day at Purple Yam

February 10, 2015

Fresh shrimps, bay scallops, Manila clams & baby octopus on turmeric coconut milk rice -- Bringhe or Filipino paella

Asian Flavors to Fall in Love With

We always feel that special feelings for all the people we love and treasure should be expressed every day.  But let us make this day even more special by trying out the flavors of Southeast Asia through the Philippines.  We have always embraced the flavors of other Asian cultures just like all our ancestors in the past.  Whenever people moved, they brought their food and spicing with them. Our menu reflects all of the food that we love whether they come from different regions of the Philippines that we have married with beautiful meats and produce we find here in the US.  It’s all a labor of love as long as the food is delicious in the end.  So happy eating and hope to see everyone soon!

For reservations, call 718-940-8188

Saturday, February 14, 2015,  6 – 10 pm, a la carte


Crabmeat Kinagang, $ 15

Sorsogon based tamale of young coconut, crabmeat & shrimps in banana leaves

Bacalao with laing (taro leaves in coconut milk), $ 10

Kabocha – Gorgonzola tart with fried clams, $ 12

Panfried lamb, shallots in turmeric oil dumplings, $ 12

Fresh lumpia, $ 10

with fresh water chestnuts, winter bamboo shoots & shitake mushrooms,

Taro & potato rosti with creamed leeks & artichoke hearts, $ 10

Main Courses

Seafood bringhe (Filipino paella), $ 38

Sweet rice in coconut milk, turmeric, lemongrass & cardamom

Topped with Manila clams, baby octopus, bay scallops & fresh shrimps

(good for 2)

Grilled duck breast inasal with kumquats, $ 26

Marinated in kalamansi lime, shallots, garlic & lemongrass

Beef Shortrib Adobo, $ 35

Braised in organic apple cider vinegar, soy sauce & garlic

Vegetable adobo, $ 22

Braised roots in organic apple cider vinegar, garlic & soy sauce

Lotus root, burdock, rutabaga, parsnips & turnips with greens

Heritage pork chop, $ 28

Stuffed with mascarpone cheese & pilinuts with apple sauce

Fish sinigang in guava and tamarind broth, $ 25

(either red snapper or grouper – depending on market availability)

Desserts $ 10

Chocolate & quince membrillo tart with Bicol wild honey ice cream

Sans Rival ice cream sandwich

(with coffee cacao nibs & avocado ice creams)

Apple tart with mangosteen ice cream

Kinagang is a traditional dish in Sorsogon, Bicol where Chef Romy Dorotan comes from. Instead of rice, the tamale is made of lukadon, the in-between stage of the coconut mixed with crabmeat topped by fresh shrimps.

Kabocha & Gorgonzola tart topped with fried clams

Lamb in turmeric oil dumplings to be panfried

Beef shortrib adobo braised in organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar

sans rival ice cream sandwich with coffee ice cream and avocado ice cream

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