The Year of the Goat is celebrated at Purple Yam

February 17, 2015

Golden yellow plums symbolize good fortune and wealth

We will be celebrating the Year of the Goat starting this Thursday, Feb 19 throughout the weekend till Sunday, Feb 22.  Come join us and savor all the food that symbolize good fortune, wealth, good health and well being and friendship.  Here are some examples of symbolism from food:

Bamboo shoots (竹笋尖; zhú sǔn jiān) – wealth (term sounds like “wishing that everything would be well” – xǔyuànchí), new start

Duck (鸭肉, yāròu) – fertility

Whole fish (The word 魚 (yú), meaning “fish”, has the same pronunciation as the word 餘, which is “remain or surplus”, ‘having leftovers of money’, an increase in prosperity

Jiaozi- Dumplings (jiǎozi, 饺子) – wealth (the shape of the jiaozi dumplings is that of a yuanbao ingot, also the word jiǎozi shares the same pronunciation with 角子 (jiǎozi) that is a small jiao coin used in old times. Other meanings: togetherness, heavenly blessing

Kumquat (金橘; jīn jú) – gold, hence fortune, wealth

Pomelo (柚子; yòuzi) – abundance, prosperity, having children, good health, family unity

Pork (猪肉; zhūròu) – strength, wealth, abundant blessing

Shitake, Black mushroom (冬菇; dōnggū) – longevity, sizing opportunities

Water chestnut (荸薺; bíqí) – unity

Chinese New Year Special Menu

Thursday – Sunday, February 19 – 22, 2015

Call (718) 940-8188 for reservations

Cuapao with red pork belly,  $10

Lamb, shallots, turmeric dumplings with sheep’s yogurt & forelle pear sauce, $ 12

Red beet, Swiss chard & tofu dumplings $ 9

Steamed sticky rice in banana leaves. $ 10

with Chinese sausage, dried shrimp, shiitake, & quail egg

Fresh lumpia with fresh water chestnuts & winter bamboo shoots, $ 9

Goat curry with scallion pancakes, plantain & mango chutney, $ 17

Duck leg adobo with star anise,  $ 19

Crisp-fried chicken with mandarin pancakes with plum sauce. $ 17

Braised heritage pork shank with red dates,  $ 22

Deep fried whole fish with Napa cabbage & persimmon kimchi,  $ 25

Manila clams with shitake mushrooms & black bean sauce, $ 18

Claypot veggies, $18

black rice, mustard cabbage, loofah, lotus root & mountain yam

Dessert, $ 9

Clementine sorbet with pomelo gratin

Chocolate tart with quince membrillo with kumquat & ginger ice cream

Red beet, Swiss chard & tofu dumplings

Steamed sticky rice with Chinese sausage, dried shrimp, Shitake mushrooms with fried egg

deep fried seabass with kumquat and ginger sauce

Chocolate tart lined with quince membrillo with kumquat sauce served with kumquat and ginger ice cream

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